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PFI’s passion rises to the top, in succinctly executing a client’s brand concept through horticulture and holiday design. With an ever-increasing need for a competitive edge, clients such as Coca Cola, Invesco, and Mercedes Benz, have chosen PFI for their marks of distinction. Branding is a strategic tool that helps our client cut through the morass of the market, get noticed, and connect with the customer on many levels. Whether it’s in the detail of a massive green wall, the hanging of an ornament or a large scale redesign concept, PFI works to bring these elements into a strong cohesive position to insure our client will be leaving an indelible memory in the minds of their clients.

PFI. Brand it. Grow it.

Jan Smith

PFI Celebrity Fans

PFI and Jan Smith, come together to discuss her love of nature and music. For the record, Usher calls her “Mama.” Scooter Braun calls her “the secret sauce.”

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PFI Buzz

Kim Oberheu talks PFI and design with VoyageATL. Read the interview here.

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PFI has joined with CAUSELIFE  an organization dedicated to provide the most essential need of human life – water. By being involved and creating awareness we can make a difference.

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Headquarters & Private
  • Full scale interior horticulture design
  • Boutique exterior horticulture design
  • Full scale interior holiday design
  • Full scale exterior holiday design
Headquarters & Private
  • Full scale interior horticulture care
  • Boutique exterior horticulture care
  • Full scale holiday interior care
  • Full scale holiday exterior care

PFI. Brand it. Grow it.

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